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Oracle Elder - Celestual Converegence

“I may not have the powers of prophecy, but I’ll find a way.
I’ll become a proper Shadow Prophet somehow.”

“I’ll learn from the mistakes of my people. I won’t let bitterness rule my life like it does Rose. And when I do come into my power, I won’t use it as an excuse to decide everyone else’s fate.”

To be more than just the Shadow of the Prophet or even the Ancient of prophesy, Kali must rise beyond all before her – to transcend past her affinity with the darkness and claim the light. Rise with her as the Oracle and realise your full potential as the Oracle Elder to become the bridge between both realms.

This countdown timer reflects the time left before Oracle Elder is removed from the game.
You can also create a Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, Black Mara and Ray Mechanic during this stipulated time frame too

Character Creation

  • Step 1: Step 1: Click "Create Character" button to enter the character creation screen.

    New accounts will automatically enter the character creation screen.
  • Step 2: Click "Oracle Elder" and click “Create”.
  • Step 3: After customizing the character, enter character name and click “Create” to create the character.
  • Oracle Elder can only be created during the countdown period (before 3 Jan 2018, 0400HRS CET)
  • Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, Black Mara and Oracle Elder can be created during this period too.
  • Oracle Elder will be created as Oracle Character at the beginning.
  • Oracle Character cannot specialize into other jobs (Screamer or Dancer).
  • Job Change Scroll cannot be used.
  • When you enter Prairie Town after completing the tutorial, you will accomplish a mission and receive special rewards in the mailbox.
  • Kali’s skills require Gold to be learned but Oracle and Oracle Elder’s skills can be learned without spending Gold

Character Skills


By mastering the ancient martial arts, the Oracle uses the 'Energy of Light' in her attacks. She specializes in melee fights and freely enters a battle and retreats.

Wild Spada

Slashes enemies in front twice and turns around to attack enemies.


Pushes nearby enemies away with a slash attack and summons a tornado to pull nearby enemies.

Vanishing Spada

Pushes enemies in front away and warps immediately into the air to strike enemies down.

Rising Gust

Turns around to slash enemies and jumps into the air to turn one more round to attack.

Sharp Hurricane

Spins the body using powerful centrifugal force to attack nearby enemies.

Ancient Grace

Embodies ancient blessings to attack nearby enemies and strengthen the body.

Chain Rush

Quickly and slashes enemies in front.

Position Shift

Quickly retreats, leaving a twister behind.


Ancient spell is used to recover HP and MP and removes debuffs.

Ray Diffuse

Emits light that reduces target's Attribute Resistance.

Agility Aura

Creates an aura that increase own Action Speed and Movement Speed.

Turning Slide

Enter [Special Attack Button] during [Turning Step] to run to the front again and attack nearby enemies with spin kick.

Aerial Rush

Enter [Jump Button] in the air for a powerful dash to the front.

Counter Spada

Enter [Special Attack Button] while being attacked to strike the ground and deal damage to nearby enemies.

Oracle Elder

By overcoming the responsibility of the Prophet, the Oracle will ascend as the Oracle Elder. She will transform while using main skills, without the need for any other activation. When transformed, her main skill combos will be enhanced.

Oracle Elder

Uses the power of light to transform into Oracle Elder.

Flash Tempest

Collects holy energy and summons Storm of Light.

Class Mastery

In Oracle Elder state, Holy Sharp Hurricane's cooldown is recovered when Holy Chain Rush and Holy Position Shift hit enemies accurately. Holy Vanishing Spada's cooldown is recovered when Holy Sharp Hurricane hits enemies accurately. Strength increases.

Class Mastery II

When Holy Chain Rush or Holy Position Shift is used in Oracle Elder state, you will enter Incessant Arts state at a set rate. In Incessant Arts state, Holy Sharp Hurricane's cooldown is recovered when Holy Sharp Hurricane hits enemies accurately. Attack increases.

Class Mastery III

Sting Breeze's damage and attack area are increased. After using Sting Breeze or Rising Gust, follow up with Vanishing Spada to warp immediately into the air and strike enemies down.

Power Boost (A)

Critical increases.

Attacker Accelerator (A)

Light Attribute ATK increases.

Protection Evolution (A)

Received Damage is reduced.

Enhance Providence (A)

Providence Cooldown is reduced.

Power Boost (B)

Final Damage is increased.

Attacker Accelerator (B)

Critical Damage increases.

Protection Evolution (B)

HP increases.

Enhance Providence (B)

When providence is used, HP and MP are recovered immediately.

Awakening Quest

You can get the Awakening Quest through the Remote Quest or from Priestess of Darkness Rosetta.

Special Items

Get the following items for your Oracle Elder when you reach the respective levels. Remember to claim them before they expire!

Oracle Elder Begins’ item can be opened from Lv60 onwards and will disappear after 30 days.

Oracle Elder's Path

[Oracle Elder Begins]
  • Level 95 Hero’s Neris Equipment (STR Stat) Set
  • Oracle Tiger (Oracle Elder exclusive mount)

‘Oracle Elder’s Path‘ item can be opened from Lv95 onwards and will disappear after 30 days.

When the Monolith opened, it resulted in a small crack in the Goddess’ distorted dream. Little did anyone suspect that an unassuming crack would eventually be the stuff of nightmares.

Hatred from this world would feed this gap and soon, that very bitterness would taste sweet, as if this thing now had a mind of its own.

Its hunger became unquenchable – growing deeper and wider with each passing moment. But that was not enough as it then set its desires on the taste of flesh.

From foolish mortals lusting for the nightmare’s power to those who merely sought to escape from the realities of the cruel world, all was and will be devoured by this Nightmare’s Abyss – not if you have anything to say about it.

Entry Info

Entry Level
Level 95
Party Size
1 ~ 4 players
Entry Difficulty Level
Normal / Hard / Master
No. of Clears
3 times a week (entry will be counted when you enter the Nightmare Dungeon)
Resurrection Limit
Entry Gate
Saint Haven -> Gate of Boundary -> Nightmare Dungeon Waiting Room -> Deep Abyss (Nightmare)


Nightmare Entry - Changes

Select Difficulty Level

There are three levels of difficulty to choose from -- Normal, Hard, and Master.

You can enter up to 3 times a week in any difficulty level.

The higher the difficulty level, the stronger the monsters and the more Nightmare Stars you can get.

Average Points Acquired
  • Previous Nightmare 2,500
  • 95 Nightmare Normal 1,500
  • 95 Nightmare Hard 4,500
  • 95 Nightmare Master 10,000

Guide Quest

  • Through the Nightmare Deep Abyss Guide Quest, you can get basic information on how to enter and what it is about.
  • You can get the Guide Quest from Priestess of Darkness Mocha in Saint Haven when you reach Level 95.
  • (Quest name : Into the Eternal Abyss)


Kill monsters to fill up the Nightmare Gauge and earn Nightmare Stars.
Deep Abyss Play Structure
Like the Nightmare Starlight Garden, you can clear the stage when you fill up the Nightmare Gauge 100% by killing the monsters.
There is a chance of events occurring when the Nightmare Gauge is 50% and 100% full. You can get many Nightmare Stars when you clear the events.


Various events where you can get many Nightmare Stars will occur.



  • You can earn Nightmare Star Points by killing monsters in Nightmare dungeon.
  • In Level 95 Nightmare Dungeon, Talisman will not be dropped even when you kill the boss.
  • Instead, you can get Level 95 Magic Grade Talisman at the new Nightmare Store.

Nightmare Store - Changes

  • Items in the Nightmare Store have been changed and you can get Level 95 Magic Grade Talisman at the new Nightmare Store.
  • Nightmare Store’s Discount Event will end.
Nightmare Store Details
Tab Name Price Note
Talisman Sealed Hero's Talisman 1000 Nightmare Points No limit in purchase
Goods Darkness Cube 1000 Nightmare Points Can purchase up to 5 per week
Hero Pouch 3000 Nightmare Points No limit in purchase
High Grade Cube Pouch 5000 Nightmare Points

Level 95 Talisman Added

Level 95 Magic and Rare Grade Talismans have been added.
Magic and Rare Grade Talisman can be traded with no limitations in seal count.

Sealed Champion Talisman

Acquiring Level 95 Talisman You can get Magic Grade Talisman from[Priestess of Darkness – Goddess’s Star Store].

You need 1000 Nightmare Points to buy Magic Grade Talisman.

Level 95 Talisman Disassembly

When you disassemble a Talisman, you can get Luminous Talisman Fragment and Luminous Talisman Essence at a low rate. Fragment and Essence can be traded.

Cost of disassembling Talisman has been greatly reduced.

Grade Disassembly Cost Outcome 1 Outcome 2
Magic 20 Copper Low Grade Luminous Talisman Fragment x 1 Low Grade Luminous Talisman Essence x 1
Rare 50 Copper Intermediate Luminous Talisman Fragment x 1 Intermediate Luminous Talisman Essence x 1

Crafting Level 95 Talisman

  • At Blacksmith NPC’s [Craft Dragon Jade/Talisman] tab, you can now craft Level 95 Rare Grade Talisman.
  • Additional stats will no longer be added when you create Rare Grade Talisman but you can add additional stats by using a separate Stat Creator item. (Above Rare Grade)
  • You cannot use [Talisman Evolution Cube] on Level 95 Rare Talisman.
  • Level 95 Epic Talisman will be released in a future update.
Grade Name Crafting Cost Material 1 Material 2 Material 3
Rare Sealed Champion Talisman 500 Gold Low Grade Luminous Talisman Fragment x 200 Low Grade Luminous Talisman Essence x 15 High Grade Garnet x 30
Rare Level 95 Talisman Stat Creator 100 Gold Low Grade Luminous Talisman Fragment x 50 Low Grade Luminous Talisman Essence x 5 High Grade Garnet x 30

Item Equipment Points Added

Equipment Points will be added to each Level 95 equipment.

  • Epic Grade = 1 point
  • Unique Grade = 2 points
  • Legend Grade = 4 points

Each character has a limit of 50 Equipment Points and when the total Equipment Points of the items equipped on the character reaches 50 points, the characters cannot equip any more equipment.

This point system will only be applied on Weapons, Armours and Accessories, and currently players will have no problem in equipping any equipment.

Hero’s Calypse Equipment Added

You can now convert Hero’s Calypse Main Weapon by using the [Legend Main Weapon Converter] sold at the Goddess's Sparkle Store.
* This converter only converts Main Weapons for the same class.