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Garden of Time and Space – The Final Story

Team Dragon Nest on:13/Feb/2019
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Once upon a time, a dragon created the Garden of Time and Space with one goal - to protect this world.
Recently, dark powers from unknown origins have started to creep in, and the woeful laments of the dragon can be heard echoing in the air. 

Quest Info
King Cassius is anxiously looking for you. Word has it that the  Labyrinth has spread from the Garden of Time and Space and it makes him rather uneasy. Find him and relieve his anxiety.
* Only players who have completed [Extra Chapter 7. Facing the Enemy] can accept the new quests.

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Ever since the Garden of Time and Space became unstable from the dark forces, the Temple Knights have been observing it more closely. To find out more about what is happening, find Temple Knight Samuel. 

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