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Banquet of Terror

Team Dragon Nest on:13/Feb/2019
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In the gap of dimensions which enjoyed peace for a long time, energy from an abyss different from Chaos has invaded.  Darkness, the oldest and the origin of all poison inside the Goddess, started to creep in, and all the darkness in the world rushed to the gap of dimensions and held a banquet of their own.  

The Goddess's nightmare grows as more and more banquets are held. “Please stop their banquets!” the Goddess pleaded with her last wavering strength…

Entry Information
Entry Level : At least Level 93
Number of Players : 1~2 players
Weekly Clear Limit : 7 times per week
Resurrection limit: Cannot revive

※ You need Everyone's Banquet Entry Ticket to enter.

Entry Ticket Information

Where to get : You can buy it from [Dimensional Rabbit] - [Everyone's Banquet Store] located at Temple Knight Training Ground
※ Each character can buy only once per day and the entry ticket lasts for 1 day. 

Guide Quest
Remote Quest > [Lv93] Everyone’s Banquet

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※ Press ‘U’ to open the Quest window and click on the “Remote Quest” tab to get it.

How to Play

Stage Goals
Try challenging yourself to go as high as possible to get better rewards.

Stage Rules
When normal stage is cleared, user's HP and MP will be recovered.
When boss stage is cleared, dead players will resurrect.
When all players die, stage will end.

Reward Conditions
First Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Stage (Level 4)
Second Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 7)
Third Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 11)
Last Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 12)
※ Users' stats are balanced in Everyone's Banquet.
※ Heroes, pets, and potions cannot be used.
※ Overall balancing is applied and you cannot use the following skills and equipment skills.
- Skill Dragon Jade 
- Costumes’ Normal Skills 
- Costumes’ Transformation Skills
- Willpower Fragment, Pleasant Premium Benefits

When you enter a normal stage, you will enter a random stage of 2 stages.
Stage clear count will be recorded when you clear Level 3.

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- You can get rewards from the box when you clear Levels 4, 7, 11, and 12 of Everyone's Banquet.

- When you play Everyone's Banquet in a party of 2 players, the number of Cube Fragments obtained by each player can be different at each level.
 However, party size will not affect the maximum and minimum number of Cube Fragments that can be obtained by each player. 
E.g.) When Player A and Player B clear Level 4 together, Player A may get 2 fragments and Player B may get 9 fragments. 

- You can get Lapis, Rock of Darkness, and Gold Goblin Coin at a low probability from the reward chest at the last level, Level 12.

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Everyone's Banquet Store
- You can use Ancient Element Cube Fragment to exchange for Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman, Ancient Element Cube, or High Grade Ancient Element Cube at [Dimensional Rabbit Everyone's Banquet Store]. 

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  • Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman
- [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] which can be purchased at the Everyone's Banquet Store is a Talisman that has 4 kinds of elements - Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness. 
- Initial stats for [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] purchased at the store is 0.5% for each stat and can be increased up to 5.5%!
- With [Ancient Element Cube], you can increase the stats from 0.5% to 5.0% and with, [High Grade Ancient Element Cube], you can increase the stats from 5.0% to 5.5%. (Increases by 0.1% for each Cube)
- Cubes will disappear once used.