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Team Dragon Nest on:13/Feb/2019
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The whole ecosystem of Chiron Island was shaken up when the World Tree’s roots sprung out of various parts of the island and tightened their grips on the land. Various spirits and monsters that no one knew even existed are now gathered in a formation, determined to tighten their guard against the intruders.
It’s almost as if they are desperately trying to protect something that is invisible to the eye…

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Quest Info
[Hirendel’s Barrier] Daily Quest has been added. Talk to the NPC, Special Sentry Louis, at Merca's Port to take the quest.

※ You must be at least Level 95 to accept the quest.

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Hirendel’s Barrier Stage Missions Added

In [ Mission (L) – Dungeon (Normal) ], new Merca’s Port stage missions have been added.
Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.

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