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Challenge Your Limits With The Temple Knights

Team Dragon Nest on:13/Feb/2019
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The newly created Temple Knight Training Ground is a place where Temple Knights can get quality training. Try visiting the location at Saint Haven Royal Basement.

From now on, you can access [Hero's Battlefield, Banquet, Slayer Nest, and Slayer's Testing Ground] from Temple Knight Training Ground. Are you up for a challenge with the Temple Knights?  

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With the change in location of Hero's Battlefield and the Banquet, Dimensional Rabbit has moved as well. Now you can find Dimensional Rabbit at Temple Knight Training Ground, not the Garden of Time and Space.

※ Temple Knight Training Ground is connected to Saint Haven Royal Castle Basement

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Quest Info
Terramai wants to help Velskud who is struggling alone to save the world. Talk to Terramai at Saint Haven’s Royal Castle.

※ You can only accept this quest after completing all World Event Quests and Garden of Time and Space - The Final Story.

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