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Sunset Cloister Unveiled – Get the strongest equipment here!

Team Dragon Nest on:09/Jan/2019

The all new Sunset Cloister is open and battles with the monsters within are expected to be tougher than ever! It is, however, worth your every sweat and blood because you can snag Goddess’ Gear here, the most powerful equipment in the whole realm! 

Here, you can defeat powerful monsters and create exclusive Ancient equipment for your class. Select a Hero suitable for your needs and fight together with your Hero! Various events will also occur during battles, and they give bonuses so don’t miss them out! 

Entry Information 

1. In the Garden of Time and Space located under Saint Haven’s statue of the goddess, a gate to “Sunset Watchtower” will open.
2. From “Sunset Watchtower”, you can enter “Sunset Cloister”.

Sunset Cloister Store Added

A store related to [Sunset Cloister] has been added. You can access the store from Sunset Watchtower located at the centre of Saint Haven. 

You can buy items related to Sunset Cloister from the NPC Priestess of Darkness Canele.

Sunset Cloister Map

Sunset Cloister Map is needed to enter [Sunset Cloister]. You can make a Sunset Cloister Map using 5 Sunset Cloister Map Fragments. There are two types of Sunset Cloister Map Fragments -- tradeable and untradeable. When you clear [Lv95 Stage (Abyss)] [Fission Nest (Labyrinth)], [Fission Maze], or [Fission Core], you can get the item at a set rate.

Chances of obtaining a tradeable Sunset Cloister Map Fragment are very low. More Sunset Cloister Map Fragments (Untradeable) are dropped in higher difficulty levels. 

Sunset Cloister Key

One Sunset Cloister Key is needed to open Goddess’s Twilight Box that appears at a set rate when you clear [Sunset Cloister]. 

When you clear [Lv95 Stage (Abyss)] [Fission Nest (Labyrinth)], [Fission Maze], or [Fission Core], you can get the item at a set rate.

Reward Information

When you clear Sunset Cloister, you can get [Sunset-tinted Leaf], [Goddess’s Twilight Box], or [Sunset Cloister Key]. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chances of getting the items.

Goddess’s Gear

Goddess Gear can be obtained from the newly added “Sunset Cloister”. Each Goddess Gear has its unique skill effects. 

There are no class restrictions for Goddess Gears but to enjoy the skill effects, your character’s class must be able to use the skill.

Look out for new items and icons which will be created and implemented for Goddess Gears in the future!