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Get into the Christmas mood at the Cash Shop!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Dec/2018
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Winter is coming, so stay warm and fuzzy with chic Christmas treats at the Cash Shop this month! Pssst… we’re holding a special Cash Shop sale too on selected items up to 70% off! Talk about putting the merry in your Christmas! 

Monthly Costume – 2018 Christmas Costume Theme
Snuggle up in this chic Christmas costume that will turn heads at any parties! 

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20181203_DN_CashShopDec_img3.png (600×360)
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Cash Shop Discount!

What’s more merry than hunting down a good bargain? Head over to the Cash Shop and check out our items on sale!

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[NEW!] Conversion Gacha Box 
Check out the new box on the block which refreshes the look of your outfits! 

20181203_DN_CashShopDec_img6.png (600×200)

Christmas Dragon Box 

Bring out the sass in you this holiday season with exclusive loots from our Christmas Dragon Box!

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20181203_DN_CashShopDec_img7.png (600×220)

Pop by the Cash Shop today!