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New Fission Nests Discovered!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Dec/2018
20181203_DNFissionNest_news.png (580×147)

Fission Nest Area 2 Information
1. Previous Fission Nests - Volcano, Guardian, Mist, and Chiron Nests will be called “Fission Nest Area 1” from now.    

2. The newly discovered Fission Nests - Typhoon Kim, Professor K, Granom, and Serpentra Nests are called “Fission Nest Area 2”.

3. Fission Nest Area 2 has the same characteristics as Fission Nest Area 1.

20181203_DNFissionNest_img5.png (600×380)

20181203_DNFissionNest_img6.png (600×400)

List Of Fission Nest Area 2
[Typhoon Kim Nest]

[Professor K Nest]

20181203_DNFissionNest_img8.png (600×400)

[Granom Nest]

20181203_DNFissionNest_img9.png (600×400)

[Serpentra Nest]

20181203_DNFissionNest_img10.png (600×400)

Fission Nest Area 2 Nest Missions Added

[ Mission (L) – Nest ]’s Fission Nest Area 2 now has new Nest Missions.

20181203_DNFissionNest_img11.png (250×250)

Missions And Titles
4 Missions and 4 Titles have been added to the Nests of Fission Nest Area 2.
Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows:

20181203_DNFissionNest_img12.png (460×190) 
20181203_DNFissionNest_img13.png (460×190)
20181203_DNFissionNest_img14.png (460×190)
20181203_DNFissionNest_img15.png (460×190)

Fission Nest Area 2 Nest Rewards

Nests have been added to Fission Nest Area 2.
These Nests will take after the Labyrinth levels and drop the same rewards as the 4 existing Nests.

20181203_DNFissionNest_img16.png (600×200)

Labyrinth Nest / Stage (Abyss) - Point Drop Added
When you clear Labyrinth Nest and Abyss level stage, you can get [Nest], [Wonderful], and [Nightmare] points.

20181203_DNFissionNest_img17.png (600×160)

20181203_DNFissionNest_img18.png (600×1670)

20181204_DN_LebriaQuest_news.png (580×147)

GalaxyH3 has detected an uncharted territory that requires data to be collected. Accept ‘[Area 2] Lebria Heraldry’ quest to check the list of areas.

Players who have completed ‘[Area 1] Lebria Heraldry’ quest and received Alpha version of Lebria Heraldry cannot take this quest.

After the update, you cannot get new “[Area 1] Lebria Heraldry” quest and the quest can only be completed at Space Information Collector Galaxy H3.

20181204_DN_LebriaQuest_img1.png (600×300)

When you clear Fission Nest Area 2, you can get samples that contain the information of each area.

Collect the four samples and take them to Space Information Collector Galaxy H3.

20181204_DN_LebriaQuest_img2.png (410×450)