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Step Up For Saint Haven Defence!

Team Dragon Nest on:07/Nov/2018
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A mysterious unidentified flying object has appeared in Saint Haven! Where did it come from? And who’s inside? What’s certain is the airship is hostile and if its attacks cannot be stopped, it might be the end of Saint Haven!

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Entry Info

- Level requirements:  From Level 40 to Level 95
- Entry Ticket: None
- Number of players: 4 to 12 players (cannot enter in a party)
- Location: Saint Haven Gate (East/West/South Gate)à Saint Haven Defence :Gorilla from the Starà  Enter event map

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How To Enter

You will enter a waiting room or a room where battle has already begun. When you enter the waiting room, you will have to wait until the minimum number of players (4 players) have gathered.
When you enter a battle room, you will be warped to the battle zone.

Life Stones and Resurrection Scrolls are not used when you resurrect in Saint Haven Defence.

1) Resurrection Cooldown

Resurrection cooldown is applied when you die in Saint Haven Defence. You cannot resurrect by yourself during the cooldown period so you need to get help from other players.

Cooldown ends when another character enters the resurrection key (default: R) after approaching the dead player.

2) Resurrection Cooldown

When resurrection cooldown ends, resurrection time limit will begin.
If you do not resurrect within the time limit or refuse to resurrect, you will be forced to enter town.

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Cooldown Time
When you clear Saint Haven Defence or leave the stage halfway, you will have to wait for 15 minutes before entering Saint Haven Defence again.
What is considered leaving halfway?
1. Enter Saint Haven Defence – Return to town during battle
2. When you’re Away during Saint Haven Defence battle, you will be forced to enter town
3. When you do not resurrect within the resurrection time limit

Take Note
• Saint Haven Defence is balanced.
• Durability is not reduced in Saint Haven Defence.
• You cannot enter Saint Haven Defence in a party.
• All skill cooldown are initialised when you first enter Saint Haven Defence and they will not be initialised when you die in battle.

Saint Haven Defence Rewards
- You can get additional Seasonal Points based on the damage amount dealt. 
- When defence is successful, you can get “Universe Treasure Pouch”.
- When you open “Universe Treasure Pouch”, you can get one of the items inside.
- When defence is successful, you can get additional Seasonal Points at a set rate.
- When defence is successful, you stand a low chance of acquiring Mecha Dire Wolf Medallion.

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Saint Haven Defence Schedule

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Protect Saint Haven now!