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Take The Fission Core Challenge!

Team Dragon Nest on:07/Nov/2018

Delve deeper into the abyss of the divided maze. Among the heroes who reached the deepest part of Fission Nest, rumours about Fission Core has started to spread. It’s the closest one can get to the beginning of Labyrinth and is said to contain a heavier and darker Nest. 

Fission Core At A Glance

When you enter the dungeon, you will enter one of the randomly selected [Fission Nest]. 
Items inside the reward chest that appears when you clear the dungeon are 4 times more than [Fission Nest] but 4 times more Blessing Points are needed.
     * [Gold/Silver chest] selected in the clear report window will not have 4 times the reward.
     * Only the relics of the cleared Nest will be dropped 4 times more and other relics will not be dropped.

There is no clear limit but a special [Entry Ticket] is needed to enter.

Entry Information

* [Fission Core] is exactly the same as [Fission Nest] except for amount of BP used, amount of rewards, and entry ticket.

Entry Information* When you clear the Nest in [Fission Core], clear count for Daily/Weekly Tasks and Long-term Guild Mission’s “Clear [?] Nest x times” will only go up by 1. 

 - E.g. If you enter [Fission Core] and clear [Chiron Nest], clear count for the Weekly Task, “Clear Chiron Nest 15 times” will only go up by 1.

Fission Core Entry Ticket

- You can buy Fission Core entry ticket [Fissive Vortex] at Saint Haven’s [Crystal Store Helper Clara].
- You can get it at a set rate after clearing dungeons and Nests.
* Entry ticket is used when you enter Fission Core.

 20181101_DNFissionCore_img4.png (240×90)
20181101_DNFissionCore_img5.png (300×374)

Fissive Core Rewards

You will get 4 times the completion reward for the level you have cleared. (Not applicable for gold/silver chest selected at the clear report window)   

Fissive Dimension

With the Labyrinth phenomenon growing stronger, strange occurrences have been spotted in various places. With the anomalies that appeared after ripping the dimensions, dungeons have been divided and monsters of unimaginable strength have started to appear. To counter this unexpected phenomenon, the help of adventurers is needed.

Fissive Dimension Entry Info

20181101_DNFissionCore_img6.png (600×290)

Dungeon Information

1. It has been identified that the divided dungeons appear and disappear based on the day of the week.
2. Please be aware that there have been reports saying the divided dungeons in Anu Arendel are more challenging to clear.

20181101_DNFissionCore_img7.png (600×360)

Special Features

1. You can get Dimension Rock buff when you have it in your Inventory when you enter.
2. There is a low chance of ‘Cliff Rose’ gate appearing and you can enter the ‘Rising Cliff’ through the gate.
3. You cannot enter if you do not have enough Blessing Points.
4. These dungeons are much harder to clear compared to normal dungeons. Be careful!

Guide Quest

You can get the quest from Priestess of Darkness Mocha in Saint Haven.

20181101_DNFissionCore_img8.png (530×260)

Fissive Dimension Reward

20181101_DNFissionCore_img9.png (600×360)
20181101_DNFissionCore_img10.png (300×244)