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Celebrate Halloween 2018 With Us!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Oct/2018

Bat girl Draculia is visiting this Halloween. Can her dream of becoming a vampire come true? Also don’t miss out on our Bingo and Artbook Halloween events!

Halloween Quest

1. Event Quest
Level Requirements: Lv.90
Quest NPC: Storyteller Kathy

2. How to Participate
Help Kathy raise Draculia!
Carefully decide Draculia’s schedule each day.
The schedule you choose can shape her future.

3. Types of Schedule
Carry out the following tasks and you can get badges for each type.
When you have collected a certain number of badges, you can see Draculia’s future.
[Study] Today's Schedule
[Work] Today's Schedule
[Battle] Today's Schedule

4. Reward
You can get different rewards based on the results of Draculia’s upbringing.

Bingo Event
The popular Bingo Event is back!
- Event Duration : 11 October to 7 Nov 2018 before maintenance
- Every 22 minutes, two digits between 1 and 10 will be announced.

You can get the following rewards:

Artbook Event
Participate in the event to see Artbook's original artwork!

Event Duration : 11 October to 7 Nov 2018 
Artbook Event will be held during the Halloween Event period.

You can participate by going to “Artbook Event” menu on Event popup window (Menu → Click “Event” or press [V] key). You need to collect [Pumpkin Coin] item for the Artbook Event. 

You can buy [Halloween Pumpkin Coin] from Storyteller Kathy’s Halloween Store. Currency required for purchase can be obtained in Bingo and Draculia quests. 

[Pumpkin Coins] remaining after the event ends can be sold at the store.

Halloween Hat Box
This contains previously released Halloween Hats

Halloween Event Store
You can buy various items using [Halloween Event Points] at [Storyteller Kathy]’s store in Saint Haven

Make a date with us this Halloween!