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Beware the Forest Dragon Nest!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Oct/2018

There is an old legend about the ancient tower of Chiron Island. It is told that as long as the gigantic tower stands, the island will be unconquerable. Word has it that the tower is not a man-made architecture, but a tree that is as hard as rock.
To make the legendary tower his very own, Hirendel has filled the top of the dead tree with a hanging garden blooming with flowers.
“Kneel before my marvellous garden, people of Merca!”
That’s right. Hirendel has returned as a dragon of the forest and if he is not stopped, Mistland’s last remaining neutral zone will soon fall into the hands of a Child.

Entry Info
Location: Merca's Port, Forest Dragon Nest Entry Gate
Entry Route: [Town] Saint Haven à [World Zone] Merca's Heart à [World Zone] Merca's Port
Level Requirements: At least Level 95
Number of Players: 5 to 8 players
Difficulty Level: Labyrinth Level 50 (single level)
Entry Ticket: [Bloody Matador Rose] x1
Weekly Clear Limit: Once
Weekly mid-way reward for each stage: Once
Resurrection Limit: 0 (resurrects when stage is cleared)

How to Get Bloody Matador Rose

Step 1: Get White Flower Seed
You can get White Flower Seed from Labyrinths above Level 20, Crystal Store, and Weekly Tasks.
Note: White Flower Seed can be traded.

Step 2: Exchange Bloody Matador Rose
You can exchange 50 White Flower Seeds and 1000 Gold for a Matador Rose at [Merchant April] in Merca's Heart (up to 4 times a week).

Step 3: Get Bloody Matador Rose
You can get Bloody Matador Rose using Matador Rose at Saint Haven - Priestess of Darkness’ [Nest Points Store].

Stage 1: Secret Forest

The most colourful flower tends to hide the deadliest poison. The Secret Forest which is concealed at the centre of Chiron Island leads to a path full of various kinds of vegetation but those who are enchanted by the beauty of nature and steps onto the path will soon turn into the forest’s prey…

Stage 2: Clear Spring

Aux was originally an old rock golem who used to guard the centre of Phantom Forest. However, when Hirendel was doing field research to create the hanging garden, he experimented with germinating plants on golems. The experiment was a success, but the results did not meet the aesthetic standards of Hirendel. Without a second thought, Hirendel let Casmina take charge of the golem as if he was getting rid of unwanted trash, but Casmina, being an excellent gardener nurtured the little bud on the golem with much care and successfully managed to cover the golem’s entire body of rock with giant vines.
Since then, Aux has been living under Hirendel’s giant tree and has become a source of fear for all creatures except Casmina, to whom the golem still remains a much beloved pet.

Stage 3: Hidden Route

The ones guarding the last path to the giant tree are two sisters who are much doted on by Hirendel.
It is said that no one can get past their sword dance alive. If you are not as fast as the lightning,
you will meet your doom in the fog, oblivious to who is attacking you….

Boss Stage: Hirendel’s Garden

After holding Merca’s heir as hostage, Hirendel crouches at the centre of the force field, in the hanging garden atop the gigantic tree and prepares his final plan… 

Defeat Hirendal before it’s too late! 

Potential Loot

Forest Dragon Nest Missions Added
Forest Dragon Nest category has been added to [Mission (L) - Nest].

Missions and Titles
5 Missions and 3 Titles have been added for Forest Dragon Nest. Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows:

- Gardener

- All Nighter: 
Title reward for killing Aux at Level 50 Forest Dragon Nest.
STR +190
AGI +190
INT +190
VIT +190
Physical ATK +260 ~ +260
Magic ATK +260 ~ +260
MaxHP +2200

- Forest Dragon Slayer
Title reward for killing Forest Dragon at Level 50 Forest Dragon Nest.
STR +200
AGI +200
INT +200
VIT +200
Physical ATK +260 ~ +260
Magic ATK +260 ~ +260
Critical +850
Critical Damage +450

Forest Dragon Buff Added

Defeat Forest Dragon and bestow blessings upon Saint Haven!  With the addition of Forest Dragon, a new Forest Dragon version Dragon Buff has been added. When you kill the Forest Dragon, you can get the Remote Quest item “Red Vanity Flower”.

How to activate Forest Dragon Buff

 1) Right click on “Red Vanity Flower” to take the quest. 
 2) Click on “Forest Dragon Monument” to complete the quest.
 3) When you have completed the quest, all users in Saint Haven will get “Dragon Buff” that lasts for 1 day.

Forest Dragon Buff Details
Forest Dragon Buff has the following effects and lasts for 1 day.

* Dragon Buff is not applied in Dragon Nests and PVP (Colosseum).
* Users who have completed the quest will get the Cover Title [Alluring Red Rose].
* After Forest Dragon Buff has been updated, [Traces of Futile Greed] will no longer be dropped.
* [Traces of Futile Greed] inside Inventory/Storage will be changed to collection item (Selling Price : 5 Gold).
* “Turn Greed Into Passion” remote quest that you could get when you cleared Rune Dragon can no longer be taken.
* You must complete the quest before the update or else you would need to cancel the quest after the Forest Dragon update.