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Tickle Your Wildest Fantasies In The Cash Shop!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Sep/2018

This September, pop by the Cash Shop to find out what sweet dreams are made of! 

Fairytale Themed Monthly Costume 

Portray your sweet child-like innocence with this month’s Fairytale themed outfits! 
20180905_SeptCashShop_img1.png (600×300)
Oh, and did we mention that the set comes with weapons too? 

Dragon Box Update

And what’s an ultimate fantasy if you don’t have wings to fly? Check out this month’s Dragon Box updates: 

New Mount

Nothing says “Stylish” more than going about on your own mecha mount! Check out the all new Alponse! 

New Pet

Admit it, everyone dreams of having a polar bear pet someday! 
Too cute for words? Wait till you dress them up with these cool accessories! 

New Hairstyles
Looking to have a total transformation? Look no further, we have new hairstyles to suit your every whim and fancy! 

Whatcha waiting for? Pop by the Cash Shop today!