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Lebria Heraldry Quest 3 Is Here!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Sep/2018
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There seems to be a problem with GalaxyH3! Adventurers, accept GalaxyH3’s Revolt quest to check on the issue. 

How To:
※ Go to Space Information Collector GalaxyH3 in Saint Haven to take the quest.
※ Any character who has completed “Lebria Heraldry (2)” quest before the update can take this quest.
※ You can no longer get “Lebria Heraldry (1) to Lebria Heraldry (21)” quests after the update.

Lebria Store

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“Lebria Store” has been added to GalaxyH3.  You can now buy “Update Packages” using Lebrium Points and Lapis in this store.

Try upgrading your Lebria Heraldry with Update Packages!
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There are 3 versions of Update Packages. As the update level increases, the packages become more expensive but they also become more powerful.

Please check the enhancement level of the Lebria Heraldry you own before using the Update Packages.

Newly Added Heraldry Information

The new Update Packages can be purchased at NPC GalaxyH3’s [Lebria Store]. 

Update Packages that could previously be acquired from quests can no longer be acquired. However, if you have already acquired the Update Packages from quests, you can still use them.