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Dimension Guardians, UNITE!

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Aug/2018

"Through the chasms of unstable Garden of Time and Space
blows a vicious storm;
that sweeps everything in its way to an unknown place
taking everything broken and torn.

To turn this calamity
into an opportunity,
I hereby announce
the founding of Dimension Guardians.

Come give wings to our expedition, as we
wander into the gale instead of flee.
Come, join us to conquer
the raging storm to bring Althea honour! "

The Dimension Guardians are recruiting Adventurers to fight off monsters created by the Storm of Time and Space!
Come with either new friends or old to form a team of Guardian to slay the monsters!

※ Create a party easily with Party Matching System and wait in town until your party is full.

Dungeon Information (Storm of Time and Space: Nests)

Entry Info

Storm of Time and Space Characteristics

1. When you enter Storm of Time and Space, you will randomly enter one of the Nests:
 - Currently investigated Nests: Manticore Nest, Archbishop Nest, Daidalos Nest
  ※ More Nests may be added in the future depending on the Garden of Time and Space’s condition.

2. Nests in Storm of Time and Space are balanced.
- All players can play together regardless of their item specs.

3. When you enter, action and movement speeds will increase by 30% due to “Proof of Solidarity” buff.

Special Dungeon Rewards

There are special items that you can get only from Storm of Time and Space:

1. Dimension Rock
An item you can get from the “Eye of the Storm” that appears in the unstable Garden of Time and Space.
Having the refined energy of the Eye of the Storm gives tremendous power to heroes who explore the Labyrinth.

- You will get a powerful buff when you enter a Labyrinth Nest with Dimension Rock in your Inventory
- Dimension Rock expires in 24 hours and will disappear when it expires
- There are 3 types of Dimension Rocks Breeze, Zephyr, and Gale. If you have multiple stones, only the strongest buff will be applied 

- How to get: When you touch the Eye of the Storm that appears when you clear Storm of Time and Space Nest, Dimension Rock will be dropped at a set rate.
※ When Dimension Rock is dropped, the same item in your Inventory will be destroyed if there is one.

- How to use: Its effects and buff will be applied when you enter Labyrinth Nest with the Dimension Rock in your Inventory.

 Rising Cliff

A place where remnants of Althea are floating around in ripples of Goddess’s tears.
The Black Cliff Guardians created from the darkest energy of powerful monsters carry rare knickknacks.

 - There is a low chance of this area becoming available for entry when you have cleared Rising Cliff.

  - Cliff Guardians made of souls reside in this place and you can loot their belongings when you win the battle.

How to enter: Enter the “Cliff Rose” gate which appears at a low rate when you clear Storm of Time and Space Nest.


Expected Rewards for Gold Chest
- All the treasure chests that appear when you clear a Storm of Time and Space Nest are Gold Chests!
- You can get 10 to 50 [Polished Garnets] from the Gold Chest.

Expected Rewards for Hidden Boss

- You can get additional rewards for defeating the hidden boss!
- Rewards you can get are shown below.

Quest Information

- Guide Quest for [Storm of Time and Space] has been added.
- Talk to the NPC "Guide Zephyrus" in front of Saint Haven Fountain.
- You need to be at least Lv95 to take this quest.

- You need to complete the pre-requisite quest to accept the next quest.
- There is a total of 3 related quests.
- The last quest. [Daily] Storm of Time and Space is a daily quest that can be repeatedly taken once a day.
- As a quest reward, you can get 1,500 Dungeon Points

- Before you complete [The War Begins, Storm of Time and Space] quest, you can enter Storm of Time and Space only through quests.
- After completing [The War Begins, Storm of Time and Space] quest, you can enter Storm of Time and Space directly by talking to Guide Zephyrus and selecting [Enter Storm of Time and Space] menu.

Important Changes

Zephyrus' Cheer Buff

- When the battle in Storm of Time and Space takes too long, Zephyrus will cheer the Dimension Guardians.
- With Zephyrus’ cheer, you will get a powerful buff for 3 minutes.
[30% reduction in skill cooldown time, 50% increase in attack power, maximum HP and  MP recovery, 30% increase in action speed]
- Zephyrus' Cheer buff cannot be stacked with Proof of Solidarity buff.
- Zephyrus' Cheer will disappear when you kill each stage’s boss.

[Changes in monster balance]
- Damage over time such as poisoning and burns has been lowered by about
- 50%.Protection value of all monsters has been reduced by about 30%.

[Message notification after Nest is cleared]
- After collecting all rewards, a guide message that says “You have disintegrated the Eye of the Storm. Please return to town.” will be shown.
-When Eye of the Storm has been disintegrated, you can return to town through the party leader. 

Changes in Each Nest – Manticore Nest

[Stage 3 – Giant Stone Half Golem]
- We have made changes for reflection being activated even though there is time remaining in ‘Protect’ pattern.

Changes in Each Nest – Archbishop Nest

[Stage 1 – Half Golem Toadstool]
-Damage of 4-directional area attack is lowered by about 20%.

[Stage 4 – Archbishop Kazalman]
-Monster’s attack power is reduced by about 20%.

[Stage 4 – Golem Fujinorth]
-Monster’s attack power is reduced by about 40%.
-Changes have been made to prevent multiple hits within a short time frame for flame floor and poison fog.
-Changes have been made to Sniper’s Wind Shot and Sentinel’s Tracking Arrows not generating hits.
-Partial destruction is not applied on Golem Fujinorth.

Changes in Each Nest – Daidalos Nest

[Stage 2 –Fannie Broka]
-Double stomp pattern’s damage is lowered by about 70%.
-Fannie Broka’s HP is lowered by about 30%.

- When party matching is cancelled without entering “Ready” in the getting ready phase of party matching, there will be a cooldown penalty until you can request for party matching again.
- Party matching will not be available when there is a party member who is waiting for penalty cooldown or when party matching is requested after quitting a party.
- If a party member who is waiting for penalty cooldown quits the party, party matching can be carried on with the same party.