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Manual Mode Activate. Lebria Heraldry Quest 2 INITIATE

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Aug/2018

Lebria Store
- Lebria Store is now available at GalaxyH3.
- You can buy Update Packages with Lebrium Points and Lapis at the Store.
- Try using the Update Package to upgrade your Lebria Heraldry!

- Package price increases with update level but you can get more powerful Heraldry with higher update levels.
- Please double-check the upgrade level of your Lebria Heraldry before using the item.


Newly added item: [Lapis]
The new item [Lapis] which is required in Lebria Heraldry quest is a beautiful gemstone of the same hue as the deep blue sea.
- [Lapis] is dropped from Gold and Silver Chests of all stages in Garden of Time and Space's Fission Nests. 
- You can also buy Lapis from NPC Clara [Crystal Points Store] with 10,000 Crystal Points.