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Cheer on the return of the Farm Festival!

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Aug/2018

1. How to Participate

2. Play Information
There are 5 levels of Sealed Farm Box and when you open a box, you will get a next level box. Required items for each level are shown below.

3. Rewards
You can get the following rewards.
HMS Dragon Nest
Frogbrella Hat
(can be acquired from Fishing Hat Box)

Return to Farm Festival is a permanent content and can be used anytime.

Cheerleader Harori

[Harori has appeared]
•In all Nests affected by Labyrinth, Idol Harori will appear to cheer for you.
•With Harori’s cheers, you can get buffs and revive.
•Harori appears in all Labyrinths below [Abyss] difficulty level.

[Harori’s Buff]
•In each stage when battle starts, Harori’s buff will give you a buff that recovers 5% of HP every 2 seconds for 5 minutes.
•When you die in the stage and resurrect before the same stage is cleared, you cannot get the buff again.
•Harori’s buff is not activated in Mist Nest’s [Watcher Crow] and [Chain Wind Hill].

[Harori’s Revival]
•When a stage is cleared, dead players will be resurrected by Harori.
•However, if the stage is not cleared, Harori cannot revive dead players.