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A splash of colour to brighten your Summer!

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Aug/2018

There’s no better Summer role model than Irine and lucky for you, she’s sharing her wardrobe with us this August! Bright colours and the spirit of summer await you when you pop by the Cash Shop now!

Monthly Costume – Irine Costume Theme 
Arguably the goddess of Summer, Irine embodies this season’s spirit. With her summer collection out for all Althea to see, this wardrobe is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Synthesized Costume Update – Phantom Thief Theme
While the daylight may be long this season, that doesn’t mean that the night isn’t waiting to cloak Althea. Look no further than the Phantom Thief Theme for the perfect outfit when the sun sets.  

Dragon Box
It’s an Irine-filled Dragon Box from accessories to spirits! The latest Dragon Box has it all this August! 

Irine’s Set
Carry a splash of colour with you in this Irine inspired set.  


Irine’s Spirit
Carry the spirit of Irine with you through every stage of cuteness!

Stop by the Cash Shop today!