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Where have all the nests gone??

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Jul/2018

Without warning, a cataclysmic event that wiped out a number of nests happened in a blink of an eye. It didn’t take long before everyone realised what had happened – hundreds upon thousands of countless nests have either been destroyed or altered forever. 

Why? No one knows. Experience this new world yourself in the event known as the “Labyrinth” and read on to see the data Althea’s scientists have discovered: 

Labyrinth System

[Monster HP Balance] 
Having more party members will reduce monsters’ HP by a greater amount.

- The increase in monsters’ HP will be slightly higher for every level. 

- The more party members you have, the higher the levels you can go for. If your party members are at the same difficulty level as you, you can clear levels more easily by partying up.

Contents with Labyrinth

[Fission Nest]

• Volcano Nest
• Guardian Nest
• Mist Nest
• Chiron Nest

Labyrinth system is applied on the above 4 Nests.

The Labyrinth has affected Nests and monsters as well!

Changes in Nests

Major changes in one glance

1. “No invincible ultimate skills" 
• Monsters are no longer invulnerable when they use their [unique skills]. (Except for some monsters who are always invulnerable.)
- What are [unique skills]? Skills with the monster’s unique patterns such as Luga summoning Volcano Seed in Volcano Nest Stage 1.

2. “Collect energy to use ultimate skills” 
• Monsters will not be able to use [unique skills] immediately after the battle starts and instead have to wait for a certain amount of time before using it. (Not applicable on certain monsters.)

3. “All monsters are levelled in a level” 
• At the same difficulty level, all monsters in the Nest will have similar stats.
  (For example, Phoenix Lavanok will no longer be weaker than Captain Drook in Normal difficulty level.)

[Volcano Nest]
[ Stage 1 – Furious Luga]
• It takes less time for the lava seed to explode after Luga summons it.
• Now a countdown clock will be shown 5 seconds before the lava seed explodes.
• Spinning fist attack is enhanced when Luga’s health falls below 40%.
• Luga no longer charges until the end of the lava area.

[ Stage 2 – Flaming Flower Gemstalker]
• The problem of battle not starting correctly when you travel at a fast speed has been fixed.

[ Stage 3 – Divine Croc Kranos]
• Kranos no longer summons Flame Chilli immediately after the crystal pattern.

[ Stage 4 – Phoenix Lavanok]
• Now you have something else to look out for other than Lavanok’s breath attack when you’re behind a Croc Defence.
• Croc Defences are no longer shown on minimap.
• Lavanok no longer trips players out of a sudden.
• Having more party members will increase the frequency of Lavanok’s attacks from the air.

[Guardian Nest]
[ Stage 1 – Arch Frogolin Augur]
• When Augur creates clones of himself, the number of real Frogolin Poison Mages increases based on the number of party members.
• A troop of Frogolins continuously charging at you now appears less frequently.

[ Stage 2 – Furious Aera Venom]
• The pattern where Aera Venom activates all poison areas except one has been removed.
• Total time taken for Aera Venom to activate the poison area has been shortened.
• Now players will take damage only when the poison area explodes.

[ Stage 3 – Great Dux Arks]
• Battle with Dux Arks begins faster.
• Conditions for reusing Dux Arks’ shield has become less strict.
• Now a countdown will begin 10 seconds before the shield is regenerated.
• Dux Arks no longer does super jump attacks when his shield is destroyed.
• Now Brethren Lich Mages can take damage right after they are summoned.

[ Stage 4 – Ignacio Gigante]
• We have fixed the problem of the relic remaining occasionally even after Ignacio dies.

[ Stage 5 – Guardian of New Moon Fell Guardian]
• Guardian uses binding skills in all difficulty levels.
• When you enter the Nest alone, the binding skill will be changed.

[Mist Nest]
[ Entrance – Watcher Crow]
• Now when you activate all purification switches, you can manipulate the central switch regardless of the watcher’s status.

[ Stage 2 – Rusty Mist Gustcry]
• Now Gustcry moves to the center of the battlefield when it summons Stalker.
• Stalker gains power faster when there are more party members.

[ Hill of Chain Wind]
• Time taken for Hill of Chain Wind to open has been shortened.
• Strong gusts of wind that blow from time to time now have higher damage.
• Wind no longer blows after the hill is purified.

[ Stage 4 – Weeping Mist Queen]
• Gustcry moves to the place where it first spawned when it summons Stalker.
• Stalker gains power faster when there are more party members.

[Chiron Nest]
[ Stage 1 – Blade Dancer Ravina]
• Health of “Water Fog Spitflower” has been greatly reduced.

[ Stage 2 – Frost Wind Gustos]
• Gustos now makes sturdier ice prisons and it has become difficult to escape without breaking the ice walls.
• Damage taken when Gustos crashes players on the stepping stone in a surprise attack has increased greatly.

[ Stage 3 – Piercing Saltador]
• Saltador collects energy for a longer time before it makes a tornado.

[ Stage 4 – Red Fang Captain Drook]
• The faster you successfully manipulate the cannon on the ship, the faster you can go down to the beach.
• We have fixed the tracking shots so that they do not fly only to a specific direction.
• We have fixed the problem of other skills being activated unintentionally during certain patterns.

[Fission Nest Missions Added]
Fission Nest category has been added to [ Mission (L) – Nest].
- Due to the Garden of Time and Space revamp, some of the past missions cannot be cleared and their reward titles can no longer be obtained.

[Missions and Titles]
One mission has been added to each Nest. (4 in total)
Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.

- You can get points by clearing the Nests through the July event. (You cannot get rewards when the event ends.)

Fission Nest Rewards

The division of existing Nests has opened a new difficulty level, Labyrinth.
With the introduction of Fission Nests, rewards have been revamped and you can now get more rewards when you clear higher Labyrinth levels.
Some items can only be obtained when you reach a certain Labyrinth level.

- From Labyrinth Lv. 20 onwards, LV95 Unique Dragon Jade and Mid-Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Fragment will be dropped. 

Labyrinth Relics Added

 [Labyrinth Relic]

- When you clear more than 1 level of Fission Nest, you can get Fission Crystals for each Nest.
- Collect Fission Crystals and take them to Saint Haven’s Blacksmith to create [Purified Labyrinth Relic].
- Labyrinth Relic is a random item box and you can get rewards by using it.

Changes in Nest Rewards
Reward structure that made Labyrinth Nests seem irrational has been revamped.
[Changes in Acquired Lebrium Points]

You can definitely get more Lebrium at higher difficulty levels and 
Labyrinth-exclusive rewards that are dropped from a certain level onwards will have a higher drop rate as difficulty level increases.
Lebrium Points will not be dropped at a set rate but a set amount will be dropped for each difficulty level.

 [Changes in Gold Chest Reward]

Random Labyrinth Points and Nest Points from the Gold Chest selected after clearing the stage have been changed to 3 Points and 500 Points respectively.
Additional Info for Dropped Items

If the items dropped in Nests are also dropped in certain levels of Labyrinth, such information on where and from which level you can get the item will be shown in the item information.
So you will be able to check what is the minimum difficulty level for getting better rewards in Labyrinth.