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Black is Back! [Halloween Cash Shop Special]

Team Dragon Nest on:19/Oct/2017
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There’s no room for skin that glistens under sunlight in the Cash Shop’s October offerings, Adventurers! From vampiric black to old favourites and even spooky vehicles, we’ve got your back. All things Halloween are yours to choose, so head on down! 

Monthly Costume – Vampire Theme

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Retro Costume – Necromancer Package

Talk about bringing something back from the dead, the Necromancer Package is back but for one last round! Second chances are hard to come by, let alone three.
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Special Halloween Box
Different box, but same great goodies coming your way – Halloween Style! 

Dignified Beelzebub Set
The night is dark and the demons have come out to play. 
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Blanket Ghost Spirit 
It may not be the scariest ghost around, but don’t tell it that. 

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Explosion BS (Beelzebub Special Edition) Mount

Need a vehicle that reflects the darkness of your soul? With bats that appear as frequently as your desires for bloodlust and style, what’s not to love?  

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Don’t be spooked out, just pop on by!