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For all that you hold dear, RISE AND FIGHT!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Apr/2017
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Is it going to be Saint Haven’s last day? When mysterious hostile flying objects suddenly appear to wreak havoc on Althea’s Capital city, it could very well be – but not unless YOU have something to say about it! Countless lives are counting on you, Heroes.
A threat is looming over the city of Saint Haven. A mysterious giant flying object has appeared in the skies above and no one is sure what it is. One thing is for certain though… it does not come in peace! Could this be the end of Saint Haven as we know it?

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Among the multiple rewards that can be obtained when defeating the flying object, Universe Kong will also drop [Master’s Silver Coin].

[Master’s Silver Coin Store]
- [Master’s Silver Coin] can be exchanged for various items at Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther’s [Master’s Silver Coin Store].

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[Entry Info]
- Entry Level:  Level 40 - 93
- Entry Ticket: None
- Number of Participants Needed: 4 - 16 (Cannot enter in a party) 

- Saint Haven Gate (East/West/South) > Select “Saint Haven Defence: Gorilla from the Star” Enter Event Map.

[How to Enter]
When you enter Event Map, you will either enter a waiting room or a room with ongoing battle.
If you enter the waiting room, you will need to wait until the minimum number of players (4) have gathered.
When you enter the room with an ongoing battle, you will be warped to the battle area.

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[Resurrection Info]
Life Stones and Resurrection Scrolls cannot be used for resurrection in Saint Haven Defence. See below how you can Resurrect:

1) Resurrection Cooldown
When you die in Saint Haven Defence, there will be a period whereby you can still be resurrected.
You can ONLY be resurrected during this cooldown period when you receive help from other characters. They will have to approach you and enter the Resurrection Key (Default: R) to resurrect you.

Tip! Use radio message (F1~F4) during resurrection standby to highlight your location on the mini-map so party members will find you more easily!

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2) Resurrection Time Limit
If the Resurrection Cooldown has timed out, the [Resurrection Time Limit] will take effect. 
If you do not resurrect within this time period, you will be returned to town.

[Re-entry Cooldown]
When you clear Saint Haven Defence or leave during battle, there will be a re-entry cooldown of 15 minutes before you can re-enter the event.
You cannot enter Saint Haven Defence during this time.

What constitutes “quit while playing”? 
1. Going back to town while in battle. 
2. Forced to quit because you’re ‘Away’ in battle. 
3. Did not resurrect during the resurrection time limit. 
4. If you get disconnected from the game.

Additional Information: 
• Adjustments are applied in Saint Haven Defence. 
• Durability is not deducted in Saint Haven Defence. 
• You cannot enter Saint Haven Defence in a party. 
• Saint Haven Defence starts with skill cooldown initialized when you enter, and it will not be initialized when you die during battle.