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Team Dragon Nest on:08/Mar/2017
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It’s a foxy March with Rubinart! [Cash Shop Update]Give yourself the ultimate boost and be treated to essential goodies for ONE whole month with the VIP Package! More than 200,000 CC worth of items can be yours for as low as 29,900 CC and guess what? It goes even lower too! Feast your eyes on all you need-to-know on what the VIP Package has to offer below:

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1) The Nest entry+1 is given per weekly
2) VIP Coupon for next VIP Package Purchase will last for 33 Days ONLY. Coupon details are as follows:

- At any point of time, only 1 VIP Package can be active
- 1st time purchase with Coupon: 12% Discount at 26,300 CC.
- 2nd time and subsequent purchases with Coupon: 20% Discount at 23,900 CC.

3) If VIP Discount Coupon is not used to purchase VIP Package before the coupon expires, the next VIP Package purchase will reset to the initial pricing of 29,900 CC.