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It’s a foxy March with Rubinart!

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Mar/2017
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Jump into March with the fiery-red passion! Strut into Althea with your foxy new threads courtesy of the Cash Shop! 

Rubinart Monthly Costume

Soar high with confidence in the sweet threads of Rubinart-red! 
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March Dragon Box
Red’s not going anywhere any time soon – not if Rubinart’s fiery passion has anything to say about it! 

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content-awakeningkali-cashshop-04.png (520×572)content-awakeningkali-cashshop-05.png (520×572)
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New Pet Furry Fox

In the need for some foxy company when you’re going into town solo? Make everyone wish they were you when you’re the one with struttin’ your stuff with Althea’s latest pet and its adorable wardrobe selection of costumes!

content-awakeningkali-cashshop-07.png (520×393)

The Cash Shop awaits!