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A New Child Emerges! [Granom Nest]

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Feb/2017
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Legends speak of the vast knowledge that the Kingdom of Arcadia once housed before being reduced to rubble. Its vast collection of knowledge stored was considered a treasure and as a result, coveted by many – including the Child Granom.

Once he successfully ousted its people and used their knowledge for his sick experiments, he then turned to performing experiments on the jewels of other Childs. Some say that he experimented on himself as well, which resulted in his horrifying appearance.

As the screams from his laboratory grow ever louder, it is clear that his crimes against humanity is not going to end any time soon. Who knows how many other innocent lives will be sacrificed in his thirst for power, so before he can continue, it is on you to stop him!

Brace yourselves, Adventurers for madness!

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Town Square Ruins: Slaughterer Kikum

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Neither a monster nor a human, Kikum is a product of Granom’s experiments. 

Don’t bother asking him either, because what’s left of his memories and original body have all been destroyed. In its place are merely memories of pain and the insatiable instinct to kill.

Tomb of Sacrificed Childs: Defeated Agnal

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Agnal was a Child who lost to Granom. A defeat against the Mad Scientist usually meant death for Childs and permanent disintegration but his defeat, however, earned him an eternity of being Granom’s experimental subject. With his fate worse than death, Agnal’s existence is now but of animosity and rage.

Jewel Purification Facility: Sentinel Glacinom

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A powerful weapon of the Arcadians in the past, Sentinel Glacinom has now been reprogrammed by Granom to guard the Jewel Purification Facility. Heroes can have a first-hand experience of how powerful the Arcadian civilization was through a face-off with this mechanical monstrosity.

Granom’s Hall: Experiment Addict Granom

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As an odd Child with a thirst for knowledge who takes delight in his research and experiments, the knowledge found in Arcadia’s halls were what Granom coveted more than anything. As a result, he conquered the land and claimed their books and accomplishments as his own.

Additionally, his fascination with the Jewels of Childs led him to perform experiments on them and the bodies of Childs that housed them. As his fixation grew, so did the scale of his experiments, and he eventually used his own body for experimental purposes too.

As a result, he unraveled the solution to absorbing the attributes of other jewels without having the need to absorb them. This, however, permanently turned him into a hideous monster as a side effect of using multiple jewels at one time.



Normal Mode

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Hardcore Mode

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Mission Title Rewards

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