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Convert your items for the Ultimate Boost! [Conversion Costumes]

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Jan/2017
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The Dragon Box has a special treat for you this January and it’s giving your Conversion Costumes some lovin’! Simply get your hands on a Conversion Item and you’re ready to follow the steps below to get started on giving your Conversion Costumes the stats they deserve:

Note* The Conversion Costume will be in the dragon box for 1 month ONLY!

1) Head down to the [Magical Costume Mirror] located in Saint Haven to begin the process of changing your Conversion Item’s appearance to your favourite Conversion Costume!
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2) Insert the Conversion Costume of your choice to change the appearance of you Conversion Item. 

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*REMINDER: Only Design of Conversion Costume will be carried over. The Conversion Item will keep its stats. 

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*NOTE: Un-equipping the conversion costume will return the costume back to their original form. 

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