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There is No Escape from Divine Retribution

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Jan/2017
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Just like the flood that drowned the world, divine retribution is a necessary evil for the greater good. The ignorant may call those who carry out this form of justice as Heretics, but they know not of their protector within the shadows – the Arch Heretic.  

For a limited time only, get your chance to step into the Nightmare with him (along with the Silver Hunter and Dark Avenger) and create your very own Arch Heretic to lay waste to the new Level 93 Distorted Zone (Rhadames)! 

Don’t take any chances on stepping up your game, regardless what class you’re using by upgrading the stats of your favourite Conversion Costume.Get the inside scoop on this information and everything awesome this January here: http://dragonnest.eu/archheretic!