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[Magnifying Glass Event]: Exciting Rewards exclusively for the Curious!

Team Dragon Nest on:21/Jun/2018
20180621_DN_MagnifyingEvent_news_EN.png (580×147)

Do you know what lies within each of your Dragon Chests at the end of your runs? Guess no more, because with the Magnifying Glass, get the ability to sneak a peek into those mysterious Dragon Chests! 

If you thought that was it, then hold your Alpacas because from 22 June 0000HRS (CEST) to 24th August 2018, 2359HRS (CEST), get rewards from the Bonus Magnifying Chest for each [Magnifying Glass] used! It doesn’t matter where you get your Magnifying Glass (we’re not going to judge you) and which Dungeon Mode or Nest you use it in – just as long as you’re not missing out on these awesome rewards that we’ve got lined up for you!

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20180621_DN_MagnifyingEvent_img1.png (700×722)
20180621_DN_MagnifyingEvent_img3.png (700×811)
20180621_DN_MagnifyingEvent_img4.png (700×1231)

Take your peek now and don’t miss the chance to snag all these awesome rewards!


Q1: Where do I get the Reward? Why I haven't I gotten mine after using??

A1: The reward will be sent to your In-Game Mailbox OR Cash Shop Gift Box on the next hour mark. Meaning, if you use the Magnifying Glass at 6:40PM, you will get your reward at 7PM. If you use the magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8PM.

Q2: If I use 2 magnifying glasses during one particular chest selection, do I get 2 rewards?

A2: Yes. The number of Rewards you get will be equivalent to the number of Magnifying Glasses you used.

Q3: Does this works only for Nests?

A3: No. It works for any Dungeon or Nest so long as you can use the Magnifying Glasses.

Q4: Which Dungeon Mode do I have to run in order to qualify?

A4: Doesn't matter which mode you run, whether it be Easy/Normal/Hard/Master/Abyss. Bottom line, as long as you use the Magnifying Glass, you will get the rewards.

Q5: Why do I receive only 1 reward when I used 2 magnifying glass?

A5: Check both your in-game Mailbox and Cash Shop Gift Box, you might be getting 1 in-game item and 1 cash item.

Q6: I have used my magnifying glass; why didn't I get the reward?

A6: The reward is issued hourly. If you use your magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8:00PM. If you use it at 7:55PM, you will still get the reward at 8:00PM.

Q7: I have used my magnifying glass at 6:45PM, it's now 7:00PM and I still did not get my reward.

A7: You'll probably need to change channel or re-log in order for the mail notification and gift box notification to show up.

Q8: How are the rewards given out? Random or by a specific order? 

A8: The rewards you get are random.