Machina Awakening Maximum Overdrive! Launch Events

“You must live! Even if you are the sole survivor!”
Although it must have been years since she last heard her mother’s words, the power it has given her has not wavered. Instead, it has strengthened her resolve as well as her power beyond anything she has ever imagined.

With her powers now Awakened, embark with her journey as she shifts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.


Defensio Class

  • [Awakened Passive] Air Shove
    [Awakened Passive] Air Shove

    [Air Shove] is enhanced. [Air Shove] is activated automatically at a set rate when you're attacked by enemies.

  • [Awakened Passive] Overclock
    [Awakened Passive] Overclock

    When [Overclock] buff is used, allies nearby within 10m distance will be protected by a damage-absorbing barrier for 25 sec

  • [Awakened Passive] Taunting Blow
    [Awakened Passive] Taunting Blow

    [Taunting Blow] is enhanced. [Taunting Blow] can be used in the air and damage for each hit increases. Also cooldown is recovered by 50% when used in midair. However, [Taunting Blow] does not have [Provocate] and [Mark] effects when used in the air.

  • [Awakened Passive] Current Mastery
    [Awakened Passive] Current Mastery

    When [Step Up] is followed up with [Beat Down] or [Leap Over], 1 [Recovery Current] is created. [Recovery Current] increases own HP recovery and Defence Power

  • Reverse Order
    Reverse Order

    Immediately changes [Recovery Currents] nearby to [Explosion Currents] that attack enemies. [Marks] on enemies created by [Taunting Blow] will also explode.

  • Ruination

    Descends rapidly from above and slams the ground with a fist to lift the ground in front and create shockwaves that attack enemies.

Ruina Class

  • [Awakened Passive] Duck
    [Awakened Passive] Duck

    [Duck] is enhanced. You can enter [Jump Button] any time while using [Flow Up],[Flow Through],[Flying Knee Kick],[Kidney Blow], or [Overhit] to cancel the skill and use [Duck]. Cancelled skill's cooldown time will be reduced by 20%

  • [Awakened Passive] Overclock
    [Awakened Passive] Overclock

    Deals 20% additional damage when target is hit accurately with critical while [Overclock] buff is in effect.

  • [Awakened Passive] Steam Mastery
    [Awakened Passive] Steam Mastery

    You can earn [Steam] charges with more skills. You will earn 2 [Steam] charges when [Flow Up], [Flow Through], [Flying Knee Kick], or [Kidney Blow] is used.

  • [Awakened Passive] Overcharge
    [Awakened Passive] Overcharge

    [Overcharge] is enhanced. [Overcharge] attack power increases by 30%. If you enter [Backward Direction Key] during level 2 charging, the character will attack on the spot without advancing forward.

  • Rock Fist
    Rock Fist

    Slams the ground to create circular shockwaves nearby. Afterwards, Ruina pulls her fist from the ground and attacks enemies with the shards that pop out of the ground. Enter [Normal Attack Button] to slam the ground up to 3 more times. shards attack power will increase with more slams.

  • Beast Rush
    Beast Rush

    Dashes forward and hits enemies with a powerful shoulder attack. When the attack hits enemies accurately, a rampant combination of Ruina's skills is used.The rampant attack can be cancelled any time with [Duck] by entering [Jump Button]

When you reach Lv90, go to Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha in Merca’s Heart. You can get the quest ‘[Awakening] New Power Beckons’ from Mocha.

When you complete all related quests after accepting them, ‘Awakening’ tab will be opened in the Skill window [K] and you can use the Awakening skills.

Players who have not completed 2nd specialization yet will be able to see the exclamation mark above the NPC’s head but will not be able to take the quest.

Note: The following criteria must be fulfilled for you to take the Awakening quest.

You have taken your first step on Hero's path. After surviving countless battles, can you prove your worth even with a blunt blade?

Open the gates of hell! Only the one who slays the hound from hell shall be worthy of the ultimate weapon!

※ Stats will be balanced for Cerberus Beginner Nest.

Sort Details
Entry Level At least Lv95
Entry Route Saint Haven –> Garden of Time and Space (Lv95)– 6 o'clock direction
Party Size 2 ~ 4 players
Difficulty Level One difficulty level
Entry Ticket Cerberus Fellowship Special Entry Ticket x 1
Weekly Clear Limit Unlimited
Resurrection Limit Unlimited

Entry Ticket

Where to get Cerberus Fellowship Special Entry Ticket
  • New Level 95 players will get 3 Cerberus Fellowship Special Entry Tickets in their Mailbox.
  • Players who have already reached Level 95 in the past will not get the tickets.
  • You need Cerberus Fellowship Special Entry Ticket to enter [Cerberus Beginner Nest].

Special Entry Ticket

How to use Special Entry Ticket

  • It can be used when you are in a party and the party leader has Special Entry Ticket.
  • Special Entry Ticket can only be used in certain Nests.
  • Only the party leader's Special Entry Ticket will be used.
  • If you are a party member, you can enter whether or not you have an entry ticket.
  • When Special Entry Ticket is used, Fatigue and Clear Count will not be deducted.

Guide Quest

  • Remote Quest -> [Lv. 95] Sleepless Beast -> Traveller Free
  • You can get the guide quest from Traveller Free in Saint Haven after accepting the Remote Quest.
  • Rewards for the guide quest will differ based on the achievement conditions for characters.

Stage 01

Underground Mine Tribe, “Crow Hobgoblin”

Underground mine’s Crow is an agile hobgoblin with powerful axe skills.

Stage 02

Lich Goblin, “Brethren Summoner”

Unlike his scrawny features, Lich Goblin casts powerful dark magic and commands the undead.

Stage 03

Guard Commander, “Minotaur Byson”

Minotaur Byson is a commander guard protecting Cerberus Nest with his immense strength.

Stage 04

The Gluttons, “Ogre Brothers”

The hoggish Ogre Brothers have a strong brotherly bond and are filled with darkness.

Stage 05

Gatekeeper of Hell, “Cerberus Kakari”

The three-headed hound from hell has a different temperament and power for each head.

Party Leader Rewards

  • Goods to help new heroes settle in
  • You can get various goods, Gold, and point items that are needed for growth after reaching Level 95.

Party Leader Rewards

  • Party members can also get various points and Gold.
  • You can get various goods, Gold, and point items that are needed for growth after reaching Level 95