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  • Indulge in X’mas Goodies to snag sweet Holiday Treats!
    news-xmascostume.png (580×147)

    Stocking up on X’mas Boxes has never been so rewarding this holiday season! From 30 November 0000HRS to 18 December 2359HRS (CET), get 1 King of Flowers costume set of your choice for every x50 X’mas Boxes purchased during this event period. Don’t miss out on snagging sweet holiday gifts in your
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Snatch gifts on the Christmas Countdown Giveaway!
    news-12daysxmas.png (580×147)

    Get your Christmas Countdown started with a different gift every day for 12 days from 13 December 0000HRS – 24 December 2359HRS (CET)! Simply stop by the world of Althea and grab your gift from the Special Storage. You have 24 hours to collect each reward, so don’t wait – the clock is tickin’! 

    content-12daysxmas.png (520×620)
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Grab hold of Althea’s most coveted treasures! [1-18 December]
    news-dungeonexca.png (580×147)

    If you are part of the Level 40 and above club, then up to 3 Rewards a day from 1 December 0000HRS to 18 December 2359HRS (CET) can be yours when you take part in the Great Dungeon Excavation! Simply check out below how you can be in the running to snag Althea’s precious treasures.

    content-dungeonexca-01.png (520×588)
    content-dungeonexca-02.png (520×196)

    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Account Binding Extravaganza! [ONE MONTH ONLY]
    news-awakening2-accountbind.png (580×147)

    If you missed the chance to bind your account, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Cap 2016 off with a bang from 30 November 0000HRS to 27 December 2359HRS (CET) by getting awesome rewards for binding your Dragon Nest Europe account to a new or existing Cherry Account! 

    To not miss out on all these
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Welcome Home, Adventurers! [Party Bags at the Door]
    news-awakening2-hero.png (580×147)

    Darkness may be sweeping across the lands, but the light of hope glimmers with your return! From 30 November to 27 December 2359HRS (CET), Adventurers who return to the world of Dragon Nest after a hiatus of just ONE month (ie, have not logged in from 1 November onwards) can grab these rewards as a
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Got your Christmas Wish List in order?
    news-awakening2-cashshop.png (580×147)

    Tis the season of giving and the Cash Shop has got you covered! Naughty or nice? It doesn’t matter because there’s something for everyone in Althea. 

    Winter Package Monthly Costumes
    The Christmas collection is perfect for any weather and any season! 

    content-awakening2-cashshop-01.png (520×288)

    Epic Costume (Synthesis) – Police Series 
    Spend the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Do you have your roadmap to the Awakening?
    news-awakening2.png (580×147)

    As impending darkness looms over Mistland, citizens of Althea are foolish to think that they’re safe. Because should the forces of the Anti-Goddess faction of Mistland crumble, Goddess Vestinel is coming for the Althea next. 

    This is your call to Awaken, fellow Clerics and Academics! The salvation
    Team Dragon Nest on: 30/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Road to Salvation Game Patch (Completed on 30 Nov)

    Game service resumed at 0900HRS CET . Happy Gaming!

    Update on 0655HRS: Maintenance will be extend and is expected to resume by 1000HRS CET

    Dear Players,

    There will be a Game Patch on 30 November 2016 starting from 0300HRS CET.

    The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be
    Team Dragon Nest on: 29/Nov/2016 Read more
  • My Guild, Our Base
    Greetings, Adventurers! 

    We here at Dragon Nest are excited to announce a new in-game system called Guild Base. 

    The Guild Base is an exclusive zone that is only accessible to the Guild that it belongs to and its guild members. 

    However, not all Guilds will have a chance to hold a Guild Base. It is
    Team Dragon Nest on: 29/Nov/2016 Read more
  • Start the Weekend Sale with Black Friday Goodness!
    news-weekend2016112627.png (580×147)

    Kick off November’s LAST sale this weekend from 25 November 0000HRS to 27 November 2359HRS (CET) with a Black Friday bang! This Friday ONLY, snag 1 Gold Deluxe Box L. for every 10k CC spent and get a set of treats for every set that you purchase during this event period! Keep scrolling to check out
    Team Dragon Nest on: 24/Nov/2016 Read more

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