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  • Game Patch (Completed on 22 Mar)
    gamepatch_de.png (579×116)

    Game service resumed at 0517HRS CET. Happy Gaming!

    Dear Players,

    There will be a Game Patch on 22 March 2018 starting from 0300HRS CET.

    The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0800HRS CET.

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 21/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Wedding Costume x Epic Weapon Anniversary Promo
    news-2017feb-cashshop.png (580×147)

    Love is still in the air this March in Althea as we’re giving away the classic 2017 Wedding Costume Package of your choice! From 20 March 0000HRS to 23 March 2359HRS (CET), simply spend 50,000 CC in the Cash Shop with any character and get your pick from the White/Black/Burgundy collection. Don’t
    Team Dragon Nest on: 20/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Are you making the most of our Anniversary with BONUSES?
    news_banner_ANNIVERSARY-MARCH.jpg (580×147)

    If you thought the bonuses stopped coming because of our 2nd Anniversary, you’re wrong! From 17 March 0000HRS to 1 April 2359HRS (CET), there’s a Bonus for everyone to enjoy simply by heading down to Dragon Nest Europe. Check out below what you’ll be enjoying during this Anniversary period!

    news_img_ANNIVERSARY-MARCH.jpg (520×972)

    Team Dragon Nest on: 16/Mar/2018 Read more
  • What goes around comes around [Guild Gifting Event]
    news_banner_GUILD-CHARITY-DRIVE.jpg (580×147)

    It may not be Valentine’s Day anymore, but Althea is still in the mood for some love! From 14 March to 7 May 2359HRS (CET), keep the love going by spreading it around Dragon Nest Europe. Simply band together and shower the NPCs of the land with gifts to be Rewarded with treasure fitting that of the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Rookies, come get your Starter Pack! [Wings, Pets, Mounts and More!]
    news_banner_STARTER-PACK.jpg (580×147)

    Kick-start your Dragon Nest EU adventure with exclusive goodies this limited time only! From 14 March 0000HRS to 11 April 2359HRS (CET), get your Starter Pack if you create a new account during this event period. With accessories, pets and mounts awaiting you, there’s no time to waste!

    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Get MORE Anniversary Goodie Bags as an Assassin!
    news_banner_ANNIVERSARY-HUNT.jpg (580×147)

    What better way to celebrate the best that Althea has to offer than a showcase of their skills? Get goodies and MORE this 2nd Anniversary from 14 March 0000HRS to 8 April 2359HRS (CET) when you decide to come as an Assassin class. It’s time to come out of the shadows for a rockin’ good time!

    news_img_ANNIVERSARY-HUNT.jpg (780×1500)

    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • A New Anniversary Goodie Bag Every Day! [14 March – 4 April Only]
    news_banner_ANNIVERSARY-GIVEAWAY.jpg (580×147)

    Celebrate our second Anniversary with us when you log-in to collect your exclusive Daily Anniversary Goodie Bags! From 14 March 0000HRS to 4 April 2359HRS (CET), there’s a different reward to collect EVERY DAY when you collect them from your Special Storage. Feast your eyes on what you’re getting
    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Stretch beyond your Blood Phantom’s Maximum Powers! [EXCLUSIVE TITLE+COSTUME]
    news_banner_EXCLUSIVE-TITLE.jpg (580×147)

    Claim your chance to send shivers down your enemies’ spine when they hear your name or see blood red. From 14 March 0000HRS to 11 April 2359HRS (CET), claim what is rightfully yours when you max out your Blood Phantom at Level 95 to claim the exclusive title, Crimson Death and Costume. 

    news_img_EXCLUSIVE-TITLE.jpg (780×600)

    Terms and
    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Burn with the fiery passion of Red this March!
    news_banner_BLOOD-RED.jpg (580×147)

    Make it rain blood with the fiery passions of Red this March! Don’t be fooled by even the cutest pets in Dragon Nest Europe’s latest Cash Shop offerings, because even from the cutest of critters to the deadliest of weapons, your latest wardrobe didn’t come to play. Fool everyone with your adorable
    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more
  • Join in the 2nd Anniversary fun with Blood Phantom!
    news_banner_BLOOD-PHANTOM.jpg (580×147)

    This month of March, Dragon Nest Europe is THE place to be! With Anniversary celebrations taking place in Althea, Assassin fans rejoice – the Blood Phantom is coming to town to kick off the festivities. Join him as you control the power of darkness within to take destiny into your own hands and
    Team Dragon Nest on: 14/Mar/2018 Read more

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