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Celebrate with us on our 2nd Anniversary

Blood Phantom

Adventurers of Althea! With two years’ worth of adventures together, we here at Cherry Credits are proud to have battled both new foes and welcomed characters with you.

To commemorate this occasion and join in the celebrations, the Blood Phantom is making a special appearance in Althea! Everyone is invited to enjoy Events and Giveaways, so gather your pals and check out what’s in store in our 2nd Anniversary together!

Celebrate our second Anniversary with us when you log-in to collect your exclusive Daily Anniversary Goodie Bags! From 14 March 0000HRS to 4 April 2359HRS (CET), there’s a different reward to collect EVERY DAY when you collect them from your Special Storage. Feast your eyes on what you’re getting your hands on during this Anniversary period!

The Cherry Spirit
anniversary-giveaway calendar
Terms and Conditions:
  • The event will start on 14 March 0000HRS to 4 April 2359HRS.
  • Only Characters which is Level 90 and above will be rewarded.
  • Rewards are given per character basis.
  • Rewards can only be obtain once.
  • Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
  • All timings stated are in the CET time zone.
  • Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
  • Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.
  • Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.

What better way to celebrate the best that Althea has to offer than a showcase of their skills? Get goodies and MORE this 2nd Anniversary from 14 March 0000HRS to 8 April 2359HRS (CET) when you decide to come as an Assassin class. It’s time to come out of the shadows for a rockin’ good time!

Come One, Kill All

RULES: Complete the PVP Kill All Mode a total of 5 times.

Rock’em Sock’em Boss Beat’em Up!

RULES: Complete the following Nests
  • Limit Break Typhoon Kim Nest x2
  • Limit Break Granom Nest x2
  • Limit Break Professor K Nest x2
  • Limit Break Sea Dragon Nest x2

Enter the Mist

Complete the Ominous Mist Nest [Normal] x3
Complete the Ominous Mist Nest [Hardcore] x3
Terms and Conditions:
  • The event will start on 14 March and end on 8 April 2359HRS
  • Rewards are given per character basis.
  • Rewards will be given based on the mission completed.
  • Rewards are credited via Special Storage.
  • Rewards will be credited on 27 March and 10 April before 2359HRS.
  • Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
  • All timings stated are in the CET time zone.
  • Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
  • Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.

I met the other me.
Raging flames have been screaming
from the deepest part of my body ever since.

But I will not remain lost in time.
I will not succumb to the force that conforms my destiny.

I have a promise to keep
and from now on, the paths I take
will leave ashes behind instead of footprints.

This countdown timer reflects the time left before Blood Phantom is removed from the game.
You can also create a Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, Black Mara and Ray Mechanic during this stipulated time frame too

Character Creation

  • Step 1: Step 1: Click "Create Character" button to enter the character creation screen.

    New accounts will automatically enter the character creation screen.
  • Step 2: Click “ Blood Phantom” and click Create
  • Step 3: After customizing the character, enter character name and click “Create” to create the character.
  • Blood Phantom can only be created until the next content patch update. (Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, Black Mara, Ray Mechanic and Oracle Elder can be created during this period too.)
  • Blood Phantom will be created as a Phantom in the beginning.
  • Phantom cannot specialize into other jobs (Chaser or Bringer).
  • Job Change Scroll cannot be used.
  • When you enter Prairie Town after completing the tutorial, you will accomplish a mission and receive special rewards in the mailbox.
  • Assassin’s skills require Gold to be learned but Phantom and Blood Phantom’s skills can be learned without using Gold

Character Skills


Phantom has gained enormous power from the corrupted fragment. Combining his own strength and the power of darkness from the fragment, he specializes in close-range battles and can quickly chase after enemies to attack them.


Teleports to the front and swings the weapon. Can be activated by entering[Special Attack Button]during [Dash]


Collects the power of darkness and shoots penetrating ninja stars.

Soul Breaker

Disappears from sight and reappears in the air to strike enemies.

Intense Suffering

Launches enemies into the air with Somersault Kick and a powerful upward slash.

Lethal Torture

Collects the power of darkness and explodes it to deal great damage.

Pain killer / Phantom Pain

Pain is released to attack enemies in all directions. The character counterattacks immediately when attacked right after using this skill. The character becomes immune to pain and recovers HP

Phantom Drive

Charges forward at a fast speed while slashing enemies.


Gathers enemies in front and strikes them with power of darkness.

Combat Transmission

During [Tumble] enter [Special Attack] to use [Shinpo] quickly. Using [Special Attack] during [Shadow Step] to use [Phantom Drive] quickly.

Bloody Sign

Throws cursed ninja stars. Leaves [Mark] on enemies on hit and [received damage] increases. Inflicts [Bleed] on enemies on hit.

Phantom Call

Teleports to an enemy to cast [Mark]. Cannot be used on some Nest bosses.

Draw Blood

Deals damage to enemies with [Bleed] effect within the attack area.

Shadow Step

When using [Tumble] enter jump button to dash forward or backward

Air Receive

When attacked in midair, enter [Normal Attack] to counterattack.


Instantly stealth by entering [Jump Button] during any skill activation. Aggro enemies within 5m and increases movement speed.

Chain of Pain

Inflicts [Bleed] on enemies hit with [Bloody Sign] and spreads [Bleed] to enemies nearby.

Assassin > Phantom > Blood Phantom

Blood Phantom

By overcoming the dark power of the corrupted fragment, Phantom can transform into Blood Phantom. When transformed, the attack power and actions of main skills will be enhanced.

Blood Phantom Transformation

Explodes inner darkness by using HP to transform into [Blood Phantom].

Upon transformed, gains bubbles and recover cooldown time of [Main Skills].

[Main Skills] are greatly enhanced and when transformed.

Shadow Overdrive

Collect power of darkness and throws penetrating ninja stars.

Class Mastery

Increase Strength, Agility and own Attack Power. Ultimate skill cooldown time is reduce when [Lethal Torture] and [Shadow Overdrive] hit enemies.

Class Mastery II

Attribute Attack Power Increase. When [Phantom Call] is used, [Lethal Torture] is changed to instant cast.

Class Mastery III

[Speedy Cut] attack power increases and throws sword energy. After using [Speedy Cut], follow up with [Shadow Overdrive] and you can throw ninja stars consecutive times without preparatory actions. [Speedy Cut] ATK increases and is changed to Dark Attribute.

Blood Armour

When using [Draw blood] on enemies with [bleed] effect, player will acquire [Blood Armour] which gives a protective shield.

Enhanced Bloody Sign (A)

Enemies hit with[Bloody Sign] will have all attribute resistance reduced.

Enhanced Vaporise (A)

While [Vaporise] is active, action speed increases.

Enhanced Draw Blood (A)

Enemies hit with [Draw Blood] will have [Bleed] effect amplified and cause another hit before being launched into the air.

Enhanced Blood Phantom (A)

In [Blood Phantom] state, attribute attack power increases.

Enhanced Bloody Sign (B)

Enemies hit with [Bloody Sign] will have critical rate reduced.

Enhanced Vaporise (B

When [Vaporise] is used, debuffs are removed.

Enhanced Draw Blood (B)

Enemies hit with [Draw Blood] will have reduction in action speed.

Enhanced Blood Phantom (B

In [Blood Phantom] state, damage taken is reduced.

Awakening Quest

You can get the Awakening quest as a Remote Quest or from Neko.

Crimson Death

Make It Rain Blood With The Blood Phantom’s Exclusive Title + Costume

Claim your chance to send shivers down your enemies’ spine when they hear your name or see blood red.

From 14 March 0000HRS to 11 April 2359HRS (CET), claim what is rightfully yours when you max out your Blood Phantom at Level 95 to claim the exclusive title, Crimson Death and Gruesome Death Parade Costume.

Special Items

Get the following items for your Blood Phantom when you reach the respective levels. Remember to claim them before they expire!

  • Level 95 Hero’s Neris Equipment Set
  • Red-eyed Shadow Raccoon (Blood Phantom exclusive mount)

Blood Phantom’s Path item can be opened from Lv95 onwards and will disappear after 30 days

Main Quest Update

Hirendel conspires to gain full control of Merca and the city faces the biggest crisis in its history. However, the threat proves to be another opportunity for the Anti-Goddess Faction. Can the allies prepare for a counterattack and take their first step to change the destiny of the world?

Extra Chapter 7. Facing the Enemy

  • Quest Start Location: Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha
  • Quest Location: Merca's Heart
  • Pre-requisite Quest: Chapter 15. A New Faction’s [The Real Game] quest
  • Level Requirements: At least Level 95

Hidden in the deep forests of Anu Arendel, rumours of a haunted tree began with screams of terror and a fog so thick that it blanketed these woods. Is it any surprise that monsters now flock here and call this home?

Those who now entered could neither tell if it were night or day and the last time a reckless adventurer took on the task to purify the forest, he returned with fear on his face as he screamed, “THE TREE OF LIFE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED!”

With the Tree of Life supposedly flourishing from the life energy of Federeth, how could it be? In spite of logic, the monstrous tree grew ever bigger and ever more grotesque.

Could this be the work of the Goddess? As dark clouds creep out and threaten to poison the land, any good that’s left here begs for a Hero to put it out of its misery.

Entry Info

Entry Level
At least level 95
Party Size
1 ~ 4 players
Weekly Clear Limit
Normal : Once / Hard Core : Once / Hell : Once
Resurrection Limit
Normal : Unlimited/ Hard Core : 3 times/ Hell : Once
[Lv95] [Nest] Tree in the Fog
Saint Haven > Garden of Time and Space (Lv95)
> [West] ‘Ominous Mist Nest’ Gate

*You can get the quest from Traveller Free in front of Saint Haven’s fountain.

Back to Farm Life : The Start of Farm Festival

The farm that was once filled with the fragrance of juicy gold apples, but now, only Old Mori remains to tend the farm.

“All the young people have gone to the city. Now there's no one to work at the farm…”

Old Mori stared at the empty plot of land for a while, thinking. Then, he shouted,

“I know what, I’ll hold a festival!”

Return to Farm Festival
Old Mori is holding a festival with amazing prizes!
There's a rumour that you can even win a Gold Apple Tree...
Go and find out if it's true!

1. How to Participate

The festival will be held in the following way.

No. Details
1 Go to Saint Haven's "Farm Manager Old Mori" and buy [Sealed Farm Box] at the Return to Farm Store.
2 Buy target item's seed from "Farm Manager Old Mori".
3 Plant the seed and harvest the target item at the farm.
4 When you have collected enough items, you can open "Sealed Farm Box".
5 You can get tiered rewards in the Special Storage (currently some characters are restricted).

2. How to Play

When you open the Sealed Farm Box which exist in 5 levels, you will get a next level box. Target items for each level are shown below.

Level Goal
1 20 Paprika, 20 Frost Wheat, 20 Red Lettuce
2 50 Gobtato, 15 Pumpkin Sweet Potato, 5 Plantain
3 50 Red Apple, 25 White Parasol Mushroom, 10 Blue Apple
4 110 Sunshine Wheat, Rare Daisy, 10 Golden Wheat
5 30 Heavenly Peach, 5 Rare Daisy, 1 Heavenly Red Peach

3. How to Play

You can get the following rewards.

Level Details
1 Title + Sealed Farm Box Level 2 (Farming)
2 Bare Tree Swing + Sealed Farm Box Level 3 (Farming)
3 Hat Costume + Sealed Farm Box Level 4 (Farming)
4 Leafy Tree Swing + Sealed Farm Box Level 5 (Farming)
5 Gold Apple Tree Swing
Bare Tree Swing
Leafy Tree Swing
Gold Apple Tree Swing
Farmer's Straw Hat

4. Others

This is a permanent content and can be used anytime.

Best Hero Tournament has returned!

  • The Best Hero Tournament is where players battle purely based on their own strength has RETURNED!
  • This time, the rewards have been upgraded!
  • Anyone who is at least Lv93 can participate to become the Best Hero!
  • Stats of participants will be balanced.


  • Entry Ticket has been added.
  • Now you need entry tickets to enter Best Hero Tournament.
  • Limit on the number of clears has been changed to 31 times a week.

Entry Ticket Information

Where to get Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket

  • You can get the ticket by clearing 7 daily tasks.
  • You can get up to 1 ticket each day.
  • Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket is required to enter Best Hero Tournament.

Entry Info

  • Entry Level: At least Lv93
  • Route: You can enter at any Saint Haven gate.
  • Party Size : Up to 4 players
  • Entry Ticket Item: Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket x1
  • Clear Limit : Up to 31 times a week
  • Resurrection Limit : 3 times

How to Play

Goal : Fight against monsters handpicked by the royal palace officials and emerge victorious!

Rules :

  • User’s HP and MP are recovered when each round is cleared.
  • Stage ends when all players are dead.

Reward Conditions :

  • Normal Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage Round 3
  • Hidden Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage Round 4

*Players will resurrect automatically when Round 3 and Round 4 bosses are killed.


  • After clearing Round 3, party leader can choose whether to go on to Round 4 or leave.
  • Stage entry count will be taken after Round 3 is cleared.
  • You can get rewards from the treasure chest after clearing Round 3 and 4.
Sort Stage Grade Reward
Round 1 Flu-ridden Beast Boss
Round 2 High Tech Vacuum Cleaner Boss
Round 3 Handsome Boy Boss Normal Treasure Chest
Round 4 Sanders' Event Battle Boss Hidden Treasure Chest